starting before i’m ready

i’m feeling excited  because the fact that you’re seeing my new project, small changes, online already represents quite a significant change to the way i approach and do my projects compared to how i have done (or not done) them before.

i’m now 29. over the last ten years or more i’ve had plenty of projects brewing in my mind (my space opera, video game, news site, short stories – to name a few!) most of which have never got off the ground (or even have a single word to the page) as i’ve always tried to start them perfectly.

previously i’d tell myself i wouldn’t start a project until something like:

  • the moment was right
  • the project infrastructure was all set up (spreadsheets, folder directories, emails – all nicely arranged)
  • the timeframe was perfectly calendared (with great precision!)
  • i’d bought the right synthesiser and sound card (you can’t record a space opera on an iPhone, right?)
  • my website had the most user friendly/cost effective hosting solution (the perfect balance)

now at 29, on other hand, i’m starting this project with:

  • this barebones website
  • no logo or branding (or none that’s ready yet)
  • potentially financially unsustainable wordpress & g suite premium plans
  • no examples of small changes (let alone examples illustrated with the bright ink blotted stickmen i’m imagining)
  • not particularly clear expectations of what i’m trying to achieve
  • no launch event planned
  • no qualifications in coaching or anything mildly relevant (why would people trust to sign up to this project with me?!)

but you know what?

it feels really refreshing to have this project up and online in a shareable form and in a state where although incomplete it at least has a state!

it feels a bit like i’m soft launching a product in beta. as such, i won’t be sharing small changes too much right now but i welcome and will value your initial feedback if you have any. please get in touch or comment below if you would like to share your thoughts.

before the official ‘start’ and launch (if there is one!) i’m planning to focus on the following bits over the next month:

  • getting the message right (what is small changes? why? how?)
  • arranging my first few meetings with changedoers
  • designing the branding

for now though, i feel content with what i have and i am grateful for the assets, resources, friends and support i have with me so far.

too often, i focus on what i am lacking. it feels fitting for this project that i am starting it with a small change of my own – one of recalibration, gratitude and the confidence to start something before i even feel ready to start.