create your own care package

create your own care package

in the world of social care, a ‘care package’ is a bundle of support put in place to help you to do things that you can’t quite manage by yourself.

i’ve kind of taken this concept and changed it a little bit to come up with my own package of care that i’ve put in place to help me, encourage me in the areas in which i feel i need some support to start working on and maintain.


figuring out my own self-identified care needs?

an important part of the process for me is thinking carefully about where i need the extra support from ‘experts’ (in my case, my counsellor, ayurvedic practitioner etc.) in those areas.

it’s easy to jump in and do loads of things that are nice and self-indulgent but are they actually worth my time and money? am i just distracting myself from the challenges i actually need to work on? am i actually making progress in the areas i’m trying to work on?

i think of my care package as organic and iterative – i will adapt in accordance to my needs and continue to reflect on and make changes to it ongoingly.

here’s where i’m at with my needs in 2018:


  • having unresolved trauma, relationship and self-confidence struggles
  • being physically unfit
  • not having a diet that works for me (binge eating cadbury’s grab bags!)
  • spending too much energy thinking and not enough time being ‘in’ my  body


i put the above needs at the centre of my focus when selecting my support.


choosing and implementing my care package

little by little over the past 10 months or so i’ve tweaked my care package to make sure it’s meeting my needs.


here’s what mine looks like right now:

  1. counselling
    need it meets? working through psychological struggles
    how much? £30/session
    when? fortnightly (work pays for one, i pay for one)
  2. stretching & meditation classes
     need it meets? physical fitness, being in my body
    how much? £15/session
    when? fortnightly
  3. organic veg box delivery
     – need it meets? diet (regular healthy goodness to my door!)
    how much? £15/box
    when? fortnightly (would love to do this weekly but can’t afford right now!)
  4. ayurvedic massage
    need it meets? helping me be more present in my body, relieving stress, tension and healing trauma
    how much? £30/session
    when? once per month


as my care package currently stands it’s costing me around £120/month which isn’t cheap!

it’s really important for me to protect this budget. on pay day, i transfer the total into a separate account which i use to pay for all of the above!

whilst this might not seem like a small change, it’s certainly something you can build incrementally. you might need to budget for it, reallocate some of your current spending (maybe ditch spotify or that unused gym membership?) or perhaps spend some time to find that free thing that works better for you financially.

i’ve built it up slowly (from originally being just counselling sessions) into a larger package as i’ve had more income to do so (getting out of debt – a future blog post! – means i now have more money for me rather than to give to the banks in interest!)


reaping the rewards

i’ve got so much out of my care package. everything i do as a part of it is so focused on my healing and development – it’s been a source of liberation in so many ways.

whilst i’ve been significantly challenged by some of the hiccups that have come up during my work with the experts – i know these are only leading me to be a stronger, more peaceful and more authentic version of myself.

some people might view creating your own care package as a relentless, infinitely self-indulgent exercise overly focused on self-improvement – but that’s because it is! and that’s ok.

in doing this i know that i will never be perfect, complete, or find my ‘true self’ and i fully accept this.

but i am more than happy to invest in the support to accompany me along for the ride.

with my care package, my life feels lighter yet deeper and i’m having more fun.

give it a go 🙂


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